Allegheny Airlines Flight 853 Memorial

9 September 1969

London, IN

Update 8/8/19

Sorry for the delay in posting!  Fortunately, the cause has been taken up by a local Shelby County group, the Historical Society!  The Grover Museum held a public event on 8/1 where some new information was given out, and a time was set for a public meeting regarding the crash.

On 4 September, from 7 to 8pm local time, a public meeting will be held in the Strand Theater in Shelbyville regarding the crash.  This event will feature public speeches from members of the community who served as first responders on the day of the crash.  Following the event, an excursion is planned out to the cemetery in Shelbyville, where the victims’ graves will be visited.

IMPORTANT: This gathering on September 4 will involve the hearing of recollections and stories from those who witnessed the aftermath of the tragedy firsthand, and these details may prove upsetting to family members of the victims.  Please make your attendance decision as you see fit, bearing this in mind.

Some family members have been in contact with local authorities, and our understanding is that permission has been given to place a memorial marker adjacent to the field where the crash of the DC-9 occurred.  We do not have a date for this dedication as of yet.

Finally, a memorial at the field itself is planned for 9 September, the 50th anniversary of the crash.  The Grover Museum is working with local authorities to ensure that individuals from public service and possibly clergy are present.  A formal time and agenda have not yet been established.

We will continue to post updates as they come in.  If you have questions, please reach out to the Grover Museum at 317-392-4634.

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