Allegheny Airlines Flight 853 Memorial

9 September 1969

London, IN

Update 8/22/19: Road closures in Indiana

There will be some interstate closures that may affect those attending the scheduled memorial services.  Here are the ones we know about, but you should please visit the official Indiana Dept. of Transportation closures page to get the latest updates and information on closures and detours.

If you are staying in Indianapolis, the southeast quadrant of I-465 will have closures during the first two weeks of September.  The East-to-Northbound lanes are scheduled to be open before 9/1, but the South-to0-Westbound lanes will be closed during the time period in question.  This would affect you in getting to Shelbyville from Indy, and it also means that in returning to Indy you may need to head north on I-465 and take I-70 westbound to get to downtown or the airport.

There is also a planned closure on the Southwest side of Indianapolis.  this would mean that from the airport you might have to take I-70 eastbound all the way to Post Road, then south to I-74.  Or, you could take I-70 eastbound to downtown, and get on I-65 southbound all the way to Greenwood.  You can then take smaller roads east to London Road and approach the crash site from the south.  You can also take State Road 44 all the way to Shelbyville.

There are planned lane restrictions on I-74 between Fairland Rd and Shelbyville.  This does not affect getting from Indy to the crash site, but it will affect you if you are planning on visiting or staying in Shelbyville.  The interstate will not be closed, but with only one lane planned to be open, traffic backups are certain.

GPS tools on your mobile device will be pretty good about being able to route you the best way, but again please stay informed on the latest closures; things don’t always go as planned when it comes to road work!

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