Allegheny Airlines Flight 853 Memorial

9 September 1969

London, IN

Update 8/19/2019 – Memorial service time has been set

Excellent news!  The memorial service on the anniversary date of the crash is set for 11am on 9/9/19, at the crash site.  There will be speakers and family members of the victims in attendance.  It will be a very solemn occasion, and all those who wish to pay their respects to honor the victims’ memory are welcome to participate in this memorial service.

The crash site is located in the northwestern part of Shelby County Indiana, south of the town of London.  You will reach London by taking exit 103 off I-74, about 10 miles or so SE of I-465.  Once you are on I-74, and are traveling SE toward Cincinnati, you will see exits for Post Rd, Acton Rd, and Pleasant View.  The next exit is London Rd, and that’s the one you want.  (If you miss it, you will get to Fairland Road where Triton Central High School is.  If you are there, then turn around!)  Go South from the exit, and make sure you take the fork in the road to the right at the little cemetery.  Or you can just GPS yourself to the town of London.

Once you are in London, you will cross railroad tracks.  You are then about half a mile from the crash site.  Continue south on London Road until you see a trailer park on your left.  It is EASY to miss, so please drive slowly!  Follow the white arrows in the map below (courtesy of Google).

The crash site is the big field to the north of the trailer park.  The DC-9 crashed while heading basically southwest.  The road that makes the northern boundary of the trailer park is the likely meeting spot.


3 thoughts on “Update 8/19/2019 – Memorial service time has been set

  1. Dan,

    Thank you for the detailed directions and information on the road closures. If I want to put an address in for GPS coordinates to find the exact site of the memorial, what address would be best?

    Joe D.

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