Allegheny Airlines Flight 853 Memorial

9 September 1969

London, IN

Order of events for 9/9/19

Here is a tentative order of events for the day of the memorial service at the crash site, 9 Sep 2019:

11:00 – Opening Remarks by Jack Boyce
11:04 – Opening Prayer or Remarks by Rabbi Krichiver
11:08 – Remarks by Mr. Elrod, grandson of Captain Elrod
11:15 – Remarks by Father Mike
11:19 – Reading of Names
11:25 – Unveiling of Memorial Stone by Mike Elrod, son of Captain Elrod
11:29 – Closing Prayer by Reverend Horner (waiting to confirm)

5 thoughts on “Order of events for 9/9/19

  1. Hello,
    I’ve had a tough day down here in Melbourne, Australia. I am the daughter of the only foreigner on the plane – Dr Charles Grenville Picton-Warlow.
    The 50th Anniversary of his death was looming large in my mind, and I am glad that I have stumbled across this information – that there is going to be a memorial service for all 83 people that died that horrible day, half a century ago.
    Thank-you to all involved with organising this. One day I may make it to the USA and visit my Dad’s grave, but in the meantime it is just comforting to know that this tragedy has and continues to be acknowledged.
    Miranda Picton-Warlow

    1. Hello – you would be happy to know that when your father’s name was announced, a small murmur went through the crowd. I believe that was because of the fact that he was the only non-American victim, and I was very heartened by this token of respect. He is not forgotten, and if you do come to visit, please let me know and I will assist you in finding all the locations.

  2. My family owned the land and farmed (planted soybeans, corn) these fields. My father, Dave Suits, was the farmer and was immediately called to the site. Following the police investigation and clean-up crews, my father was left to clear out the remaining debris/aftermath. I was young, but I remember the impact/toll this event took on him. The accident and aftermath was something my family never forgot. (I wish someone would have contacted him regarding this planned memorial service.)

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