Allegheny Airlines Flight 853 Memorial

9 September 1969

London, IN

Memorial service follow-up

The service on 9/9/19 was very touching, and perhaps over 200 people were in attendance.  Many family members were visiting the area for the first time, and many more were unfortunately not able to attend.   All victims were honored, and the wonderful marker was unveiled.

A nice story about the event was posted by WRTV in Indianapolis.

Channel 59 in Indianapolis offered this excellent article.

The local newspaper, the Shelbyville News, also ran many stories about the memorial service.  This was a follow-up to their original story about the crash on 9/7/19.  I will be visiting them to possibly gain permission to post some of the information on this site.

We will be posting some memories and pictures from the service as time permits.  Please be patient for this, but be assured in the meantime that the service was very much in keeping with the wishes of the families, and was very respectful.  The local community and the staff at the Grover Museum in Shelbyville (Alex Krach and Sarah Newkirk) did a fantastic job in organizing the service, and it was all that anyone could have asked for – and more.

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