Allegheny Airlines Flight 853 Memorial

9 September 1969

London, IN

Order of events for 9/9/19

Here is a tentative order of events for the day of the memorial service at the crash site, 9 Sep 2019: 11:00 – Opening Remarks by Jack Boyce 11:04 – Opening Prayer or Remarks by Rabbi Krichiver 11:08 – Remarks by Mr. Elrod, grandson of Captain Elrod 11:15 – Remarks by Father Mike 11:19 – […]

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Update 8/22/19: Road closures in Indiana

There will be some interstate closures that may affect those attending the scheduled memorial services.  Here are the ones we know about, but you should please visit the official Indiana Dept. of Transportation closures page to get the latest updates and information on closures and detours. If you are staying in Indianapolis, the southeast quadrant […]

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Update 8/8/19

Sorry for the delay in posting!  Fortunately, the cause has been taken up by a local Shelby County group, the Historical Society!  The Grover Museum held a public event on 8/1 where some new information was given out, and a time was set for a public meeting regarding the crash. On 4 September, from 7 […]

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